Tammy Orr

Alternate/Keeper of The Flame

I grew up in Houston, Texas, and received my degree from University of Houston in Hospitality and Restaurant Management.  My career has been working as a Montessori school teacher for the past 22 years.  Teaching in a Montessori school began in Houston when I had my daughter, and I realized that I wanted her to have that type of education, so I took Montessori training and started teaching.  I became a member of Unity of Houston in 1996 and worked in the nursery at the church.  When I moved to Santa Fe, I continued my teaching and currently teach two- and three-year-olds at the Little Earth School in Santa Fe.  I joined Unity Santa Fe 10 years ago and volunteered in the bookstore from the beginning.  I’m also on the Sunday Support, Flower, and Counter Teams.  My most recent volunteer opportunity has been acting as “page-turner” for Robert Muller, our pianist! I look forward to continuing my service to Unity Santa Fe by serving on the Board of Trustees in 2023!