Transition Team

Transition Team


Unity Santa Fe Transition Team (TT)


The first meeting of this team was held on April 7, 2021. The Transition Team has agreed to continue meeting every Wednesday evening from 6:30 – 8:00 pm, on Zoom, until our mission and vision are complete.



Karen Roberts, Team Lead; Vice President, Board of Trustees

Tom McCrory, President, Board of Trustees

Wanda Brown, Technology Team Leader; Bookstore manager; former Business Administrator

Karol Ryan, Unity Santa Fe member and sacred server

Ron Newman, Unity community member and sacred server

(1-2 additional Sub-Team members welcome)


Sub-Teams working together with and within the Transition Team     



Project list and target dates

Survey Team


Karen Roberts, Ron Newman

First survey delivered by Sun. 5/2.  Second survey drafted/tested by 5/10 and sent week of 5/17

Ministry Transition Webpage Team

Jessica Wilcox, Thania Keppel, Catherine Donavon

Ministerial Transition webpage will be kept current and information will be shared with the community on an ongoing basis.

Communication Team

Tom McCrory, Karen Roberts

Tom or Karen will alternate updating congregation each Sunday immediately after Peace Song.

Search Team


Wanda Brown,

Karol Ryan, Heidi Gall, Mark Siurek (+ UWM Consultant)



Project Management Team

Karen Roberts, Tom McCrory

(+ UWM Consultant)



Keep the church running team; oversee transfer of Rev. Brendalyn’s responsibilities

Tom McCrory + UWM Consultant


Interviewing + hiring

Board of Trustees