Unity Santa Fe Prayer Chaplain Training

Unity Santa Fe
Prayer Chaplain Training

Three questions of the heart:

  • Are you someone people turn to for support?
  • Do you wish you knew how to better support others?
  • Are you ready for the next step in your spiritual growth?

If your answer is “Yes!” -- Bless yourself and others: Be a Unity Santa Fe Prayer Chaplain!

The steps are:

Orientation:  Prayer Chaplain overview and Q & A

Our annual Prayer Chaplain Intensive Training at Our Lady of Guadalupe Monastery in Pecos, NM.

Post Intensive Training and Induction

You are an ideal candidate if you desire to:

  •    Create and hold a sacred space for others
  •    Listen and keep what is heard in confidence
  •    Pray with others to create inner transformation
  •    Support others on their spiritual journey
  •    Provide regular prayer support to a small number of church members

No previous training is necessary:
Spirit does not call the equipped;
Spirit equips the called!

Requirements include:
•    Becoming a member of Unity Santa Fe
•    Holding confidentiality
•    Praying with others after Sunday service
•    Making monthly prayer calls
•    Attending monthly meetings
•    Assisting with home/hospital visits as needed
•    Committing to a personal prayer practice
•    Becoming a positive role model for others

What current and former Prayer Chaplains have to say about serving as a Unity Santa Fe Prayer Chaplain:

“It means I have the opportunity to make a difference in the spiritual lives of those I pray with, and possibly provide them comfort in challenging times. Most of all, to allow them to feel the flow of divine spirit move in and through their Heart space in their daily lives, ‘Moving at the pace of guidance’, while deepening my own prayer life.”  - Larry Gardner
“Being a Prayer Chaplain connects me with Spirit and to those with whom I pray. I know that these linguistic constructs – Spirit, me, others – are an illusion, and often during prayer with another person, the truth of oneness becomes a deeply experienced reality. Through shared prayer I have learned to trust my innate ability to receive and express truth. To know deeply the present moment with others is to release the small self and to know a clear and sacred joy.”  - Rosemary Thompson

“Being a Prayer Chaplain gives me the opportunity to serve while being reminded of the power of prayer.”  - Tom McCrory

“Praying with another is both a profound honor and a deeply humbling experience. I feel the presence of Spirit most palpably in those moments of shared prayer and in the surrender of the ego in service to another.” – Catherine Donavon