Unity World Day of Prayer 2018

Join us for Unity’s Day of Devotion, Thursday, September 13. “The Hours of Powers,” a 12-Hour Vigil begins at 7 AM continuing non-stop until 7 PM. Our Unity Santa Fe Prayer Chaplains and Prayer Chaplain Emeriti will be present throughout the day and during the service holding sacred space and divine connection for all.
This is Unity’s 25th anniversary of World Day of Prayer. The theme is Courage to Heal. Through the day we will focus on one of the 12 Powers each hour as a means for assisting participants in forming intentions for themselves and others.
This powerful day will close with a special healing service. Music is provided by Catherine Donavon and Brian Bennett. Jude Byrne and Connie Salles are offering individual energetic healing work.
Award your Divine Nature, your sacred humanity, by bathing in a sea of silence and giving yourself the gift of love. Be still and know . . .
Affirmation for World Day of Prayer:
“As I heal in body, mind and spirit, I support healing in my family, my community, the earth, and the world. Centered in Pure Being, I Am a healing presence.”