Welcome to Unity Santa Fe


Welcome to Unity Santa Fe

in beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico!

Unity Santa Fe was founded 44 years ago and has built a strong foundation for the future.  We are proud of our abundant history and inspired and excited to share our spiritual community with YOU!

Discover Unity Santa Fe

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                                                      UNITY SANTA FE SANCTUARY                             CEREMONY AROUND OUR MEDICINE WHEEL

Unity Santa Fe is a creative, vibrant and loving community, open and embracing of diverse ideas and people.  Our beloved Unity Santa Fe property is surrounded by beautiful acres of open land, hiking and biking trails, and is also easily accessible. On our grounds, we have a meditation garden, a ceremonial medicine wheel, and a lovely labyrinth where we can walk and pray. Our adobe-style sanctuary capacity is 150, large enough to accommodate well-attended events, but small enough to lend an air of intimacy and belonging. Unity Santa Fe is mission-centered and offers diverse workshops, classes, and our Soul Circles, which are facilitated by either our minister or congregants. Our Sacred Service program has 25 volunteer teams and approximately 80% of our congregation serves on at least one team. Whatever your passion, that is your key to Sacred Service. There are many opportunities at Unity Santa Fe to find your joy!

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                                                           HAPPY FOLKS MAKING MUSIC – OUR UNITY SANTA FE JOYFUL SOUND SINGERS

We are a very friendly and accepting community who love and enjoy one another. When you walk into Unity Santa Fe you are met by a delightful greeter who is eager to say hello and help you feel welcome. Our potluck after service every Sunday is our blessed sharing time, where we enjoy chatting, laughing and hugging. We offer a catered lunch on fifth Sundays when we hold our Community Forums to update the congregation on Unity Santa Fe activities.

There are many opportunities to serve the community of Santa Fe. We are looking forward to increasing our community outreach and community service, and developing our youth program, so we can share our love and joy beyond our Sunday gathering time.

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                                                        SUMMER SOLSTICE CELEBRATION           SHARING PIZZA AFTER COMMUNITY WORK DAY

Discover Santa Fe

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Do you love great food, like to hike or bike, or enjoy fabulous museums and a rich cultural experience full of festivals and a world-class opera? Santa Fe has all that, and more!  At 7,000 feet, Santa Fe is the highest capital city in the nation; and, founded in 1610, it is also the oldest capital city in the U.S. Our beautiful and distinct Santa Fe means “Holy Faith” in Spanish and is a town that attracts many people of faith desiring to grow spiritually. Our congregation is mission-centered in Unity principles, New Thought, and open to diverse people, cultures, and spiritual ideas. Santa Fe has the culture and arts of a big city and, usually, rates number three in art sales in the entire country, behind New York and Los Angeles. Our beautiful Rocky Mountains and landscapes create boundless outdoor environments for recreation and enjoyment. Also, we are rated with the 2nd or 3rd cleanest air in the country, depending on the year, and the azure blue sky and cumulous clouds are forever welcoming. We are a land of museums, festivals, great cuisine and outdoor recreation!  Santa Fe’s nickname, “The City Different” is derived from the combination of cultures represented here. New Mexico is also the chile capital of the country. Indeed, our food is another powerful draw to the Land of Enchantment.

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The Puebloan culture is represented here in New Mexico by 19 different pueblos. The 8 northern Pueblos are close to Santa Fe. There are more Native Americans living on their ancestral lands in New Mexico than in all the states combined east of the Mississippi River. Their culture flourishes, and we are blessed by their influence. The Spanish culture is also very pronounced in Santa Fe and has been an influential part of our city for over four hundred years. The three primary cultures, Native American, Spanish and Anglo live together in peace.

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Our handsome city is the home of four Summer Festivals. The Folk Art Market kicks off the summer followed by the Spanish Market, Indian Market and Fiesta de Santa Fe. We also are the home of the Santa Fe Opera, which has world-class status. These festivals and the opera attract people from all over our country and the world. The Indian Market is our largest, attracting over 100,000 people yearly. We are also very proud of our four state museums: Folk Art, History, Art, and Indian Arts and Culture, as well as six additional museums, including the ever popular Georgia O’Keeffe. The Folk Art Museum birthed the Folk Art Festival, the first in our country, and draws about 180 artists yearly from around the world. These artists are primarily indigenous people from third world countries who during the long weekend make enough to support their village for a year. This exquisite early July event also brings folks from all over our country and the world.

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Santa Fe is located in the North Central part of New Mexico and is in a valley formed by the Rio Grande and bordered on the West by the volcanic Jemez Mountains and on the East by the Sangre de Cristo range of the Rocky Mountains.  There are four distinct seasons, including colorful leaves in the fall, snow in winter, and wild flowers in spring and summer.  With 300+ days of sunshine a year and an average humidity of 50%, our warm months are filled with what many call a “dry heat”, which is far less draining and more tolerable than a hot day filled with humidity.  Similarly, the winter months have a dry cold which makes our snow typically light and airy. Our heaviest rainfall occurs in July and August, although the area gets an average of only 14 inches of rain annually.

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