What is Affirmative Prayer? πŸ€”

What is Affirmative Prayer? And why experience and learn this sacred communication?

Unity Santa Fe Prayer Column for March 2024

You may have had a circuitous relationship with this thing called Prayer. Maybe you never learned traditional prayer or your early church upbringing was reciting simple memorized prayers or reading them from the back part of the Hymnal or Prayer Book at Sunday services. Maybe you just had spontaneous prayers you said when in trouble or need.

As a Unity Prayer Practitioner, I have learned Prayer is having a conversation about what we know is TRUE already. We are healthy in our Spirit, we are wealthy in Spirit, and we are loved and we ARE love in this now moment. That is why we pray with someone who is detached and can help us AFFIRM what is so in this NOW moment.

Unity Prayer Practitioners have learned to deny that anything outside of you has more power than God Consciousness. They have learned to use conscious, positive, present language to state what is truth now. Β This truth is pure compassion, pure love, pure joy and it is there all the time!Β With the power of the spoken word (β€œIn the beginning was the word...”), your request, gratitude, wondering or whatever your prayer request, is sent into the Universe to be made manifest by the power of the two of you joining together in Spirit. ("For where two or more are gathered...")Β 

You might be surprised how much help you can receive when you join in prayer with a Unity Prayer Practitioner. Β 

Kristine Baker
Unity Santa Fe Prayer Practitioner

Prayer Practitioners AvailableΒ Every Sunday and During the Week

Every Sunday, after service, you have the opportunity to pray with a Unity Prayer Practitioner in the Sanctuary or youth classroom.Β 

You can also request to have a Prayer Practitioner call you once a monthΒ or during the week for a Private Prayer Call.