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Winter 2024 SOUL Circles

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SOUL Circles - Descriptions and Info:ย 

Groups begin starting the week of February 18th. Deadline to signup isย February 11th.

(All Circles are 4-6 weeks and are 90min or 2 hour sessions)

1.ย  Our Awakening World (on YouTube)

By Bill Glaser - In-Person - Tuesdays 6pm

Participants in this SOUL Circle will listen to one talk or interview each week that they find on YouTube that expounds and clarifies Truth principles, non-dualism, non-visual reality or human potential.

For instance talks by Eckart Tolle, Rupert Spira or Adyashanti, interviews of near death experiencers, psychic healers, hypnotists, and mediums. These communicators on YouTube are reaching so many people, opening so many minds, everywhere, every day. The congruence and reinforcement of Truth from so many sources is astounding. We will bring to our meetings our take always from these talks. We will also be investigating ways we can share and spread these awakenings in our world.

Meeting time can be flexible and negotiable with group participants. Participants will be given the opportunity to host a meeting if they choose.

Max Participants: 8

-First meeting at 711 Onate Place, 87505

2.ย  Back to Basics: A study of "How to Speak UNITY" by Temple Hayes

By Cristina Apodaca - via Zoom - Fridays 6:30pm

This group will be a book study of the literature, "How to Speak UNITY" by Temple Hayes. It is always a good practice to go back to the basics of our quest. Learning about different terminology and discussing what they mean to us helps to center our thoughts. The book is "A seeker's guide to the basic concepts and terms that define this practical spiritual lifestyle".

You will need to have access to the book, "How to Speak Unity", by Temple Hayes.

Max Participants: 8

-Zoom link will be distributed by facilitator

3.ย  Decoding Your Universal Energy: Using Astrology and Numerology to Decode the Energy of You and the Universe

By Brendan Mahan - In-Person (1 day via Zoom) - Fridays at 5:30pm

As part of the tithing of my time as prescribed in Prosperity Plus, I am offering this SOUL Circle as a dynamic basics class of Astrology and Numerology (which pair together to create a complete Universal Energy Reading).

What that means is, as opposed to teaching a cut and dried curriculum, I will be teaching the basics you need to begin, and from there I will be offering myself as a resource and guide as you develop the ability to do your own fun and effective Universal Energy Readings for yourself and your family and friends.

This will include 2 classes to get the basics and stemming from there, plenty of open time to play with your own charts, and as you learn you will get to choose from which areas you would like to gain greater understanding and skill in, and you will have a professional astrologer/numerologist to guide you each step of the way. While in no way is this a complete certification, it will equip you with a greater understanding of Yourself as the Universe and God, and we will have a lot of fun in the process. (All resources provided, although a laptop or smartphone will help, but are not required. No prior experience required.)

Max Participants: 10

-at Unity Santa Fe

4.ย  Listening is more than hearing the words...

By ShaRon Worsely - In-Person - Tuesdays at 2pm

I am inviting you to come share in quality "Listening" to enrich our lives, a chance to deeply listen to ourselves and others in spirit.

This involves noticing body language, emotions that might not be voiced, and learning to become more aware of one's own connection to spirit.

Max Participants: 6

-6651 Camino Rojo, 87507

5.ย  From Role to Soul: The Metamorphosis of Aging

By Jeanne Kofron - In-Person - Thursdays 2pm

Come explore the experience of aging from the inside out and the outside in.ย 

Discuss and journal about your place in life with like-minded souls.ย 

Max Participants: 5

-Tribes Coffee House

6.ย  Be Mindful

By Pam Rogers - via Zoom - Sundays 6pm

Practice different forms of mindfulness, everything from breathing to moving mindfully, to find something that works for you. Beginners and experienced meditators welcome. Let's explore together, mindfully.

Max Participants: 10

-Zoom link will be distributed by facilitator




โ€œMiracles can occur and healings will happenโ€

Unity Santa Fe SOUL Circles (previously SpiritGroups) are small groups of members, congregants and friends who meet three times a year for 4-6 weeks. Each group has a Facilitator who offers to lead the group in an activity, book study, or discussion group of their choice. The group may meet at the Facilitator's home, the home of a Host who is part of the group, online via Zoom, or in a public venue. The purpose of SOUL Circles is to offer the opportunity to get to know others in your spiritual community on a deeper level than is possible at the Sunday service or other community activities. SOUL Circles also plan and carry out a Social Action that benefits either the Unity Santa Fe Community or the greater community of Santa Fe through volunteer efforts. All Facilitators will attend an orientation prior to meeting.ย 

Through our SOUL Circles, we have the opportunity to experience a deeper level of the following qualities:

S - Spiritual Growth: We enrich our spiritual lives through the study and discussion of spiritual ideas as well as spiritually nurture ourselves with our devotion to prayer and meditation.

O - Openness: We open our hearts and minds to share freely our thoughts, beliefs, and stories of our individual journeys. We do this in an atmosphere of safety and confidentiality that warmly welcomes others from the greater community.

U - Unity: We come together to experience and express our Oneness with each other, our human family and indeed, the whole of creation, both material and spiritual.

L - Love: We put feet on the Power of Love through the support we offer to one another in our circles, especially during times of challenge. We also serve the larger community through acts of sacred social service that, in turn, expand and enrich our own lives.

Love one another. As I have loved you, so you are to love one another. -- John 13:34